Description of the project

New technologies and nutrition bear a common point : they both enable us to unveil social inequalities. School can play a role to enhance opportunities in life and act positively on health and knowledge.

The project called IPSO FACTO (Innovative Pedagogical Scenario On Food And Consumption Trends and Opportunities) englobes two main objectives : 1) make you aware of the importance of food on your health, your environment using information technologies and digital communication ; 2) enable the teachers to implement innovative pedagogical scenarii.

Imagine a magazine on food and health issued by high school pupils. Its editorial approach aims at promoting solidarity and citizenship. We will try to underscore good gestures rather than stigmatise some behaviours. like journalists, some of you will go to the four cardinal point of Europe, ie Finland, Czech Republic, Italy and France, looking for new experiences that will alert on some hazards. All the participants of the project will also look for testimonies of people active into the defense of citizens’ well being. In your respective countries, you will have to interview health specialists and conceive some plans for prevention. Available on websites, translated into 5 languages the impact of its publication will be enlarged thanks to the eTwinning site.

Thanks to this experience you will develop many basic and transversal skills, facilitated by the information technologies and communication tools. You will also take ownership and give meaning to the values of equity, cooperation and solidarity the values held by the magazine.

The challenges regarding the project remain numerous. It is about developing the 21st century “4 C” skills : to Create, to Communicate, to Cooperate and to have a Critical mind while using digital tools and the social networks. In a life-skill approach of education, you become aware of the impact of nutrition on your health. Nutrition is understood as an equilibrium point between energy intake and expenditure thanks to physical activities. Therefore, a choreographic spectacle will close the project.

The strategical partnership goes far beyond the choreographic spectacle. A good practice guide will set out the whole IPSO FACTO device. This toolkit will allow teachers to implement new activities so as to make students be aware of healthy behaviours , to develop their confidence and initiative, to encourage foreign languages and mobility, to learn to work in a collaborative way and to prepare them to university education.

IPSO FACTO is implemented with methodology and quality standards for teachers. The project builds on a steering committee, a project committee and working groups

IPSO FACTO (Erasmus+) - Choreographic show "GEARS"

"GEARS" choreographic show directed by "Les Eclats" Students from : Gymnazium Havlickuv Brod (Czech Republic), Istituto Superiore d'Istruzione E. Fermi (Catanzaro, Italy), Mantsalan Lukio (Mantsalan, Finland), Lycée de la Venise Verte (Niort, France).

The IPSO project FACTO is an Erasmus + project funded by the European Union. It is the subject of innovative educational scenarios around the themes of nutrition, health and physical activity and sports. Students learn the 4 C's skills with digital tools. (crticial thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity)


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