Information of Harju School

Information of Harju School


Harju school is a comprehensive school for students aged betweed 12 and 16.

We are situated in the center of Lohja, on top of a picturesque hill in the middle of a pine-tree forest.

We have around 350 students and around 35 teachers in our school, Students are divided into 3 grades, 7th, 8th and 9th.

In addition to the normal academic subjects (languages, math, biology, history…) we also offer such subjects as:
home economics, crafts (textile, wood and metal), music and arts.

We also have a school canteen. where Finnish students enjoy free school lunches every day.

We have a variety of sports facilities close to our school:

  • swimming hall
  • ice-skating rink
  • jogging track
  • skiing track in the winter
  • sports field
  • lake Lohjanjärvi
  • football field
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