The Metsola Elementary School Information Handbook

Principal's Greetings

Dear Students and their Parents

Welcome to the Metsola Elementary School website. Please take time to explore our School Information Handbook as there is a lot of information you will find helpful, from school administration, special education, student services, and our dedicated professional staff that strives to meet the needs of all 250 students and their education.


In addition to our regular classroom teachers, there are special education teachers working with all kinds of integration services. There is also medical staff, counselor and social worker available to help and support our students together with the parents.


The whole staff hopes that parental involvement would be an essential part of the school´s daily work. If you are a parent and have any questions, suggestions or concerns about the school or the education, please don´t hesitate to contact us.


The educational plan of our school was completed in 2016. It is an individual plan in addition to the General Educational Plan of the District, which is the same for all schools in Lohja.


I wish you all a successfull and safe schoolyear.


Mrs. Satu-Kristiina Hautamäki, Principal