What is cultural education path

What is cultural education path?

Content and goals


Cultural education path is arts –and culture education program for pre –and elementary school students. The end goal for this program is to ensure that all children have access to cultural education, arts and crafts in the municipality of Lappeenranta.

Visits to workshops and art or culture institutions will be organized to all groups participating in this program as a part of a regular day of school. These visits are planned in collaboration with the institutions, departments of primary education in arts, artists and teachers.

The program provides a learning opportunity that is a memorable experience.

South Karelia center of culture for children, Metku, produces and coordinates this cultural education path program. The concept is nationwide.


Peda.net is an educational forum for teachers. In this forum, all workshops and visits to institutions are listed, along with their contact information. The selection is updated each year.

The division of grades for each workshop is a direction which to aim to, but they can be reserved to any age group.


Cultural education path is based on a nationwide and municipality-specific curriculum for pre- and elementary school. The workshops are designed to subsidize regular school work.




Cultural learning, interaction and expression:

“In primary education, students will be counseled to identify and appreciate cultural significance in their environment and to build their own cultural identity that reflects positively to that environment. Students will learn to identify and value their habitat and its cultural heritage.


“Collaboration with operators outside of school environment will enrich school work and includes them in their communities. This cooperation with professionals from cultural fields will even further add to quality of students’ work in school.”


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