Tuesday (Science day) by Valerija and Ivan

Lab work

From 9 o’clock we started with our project team to do different lab works. As on Monday we went out from school to pick up local water samples, on Tuesday we examined all water samples from Lithuania, Finland and Estonia. We recorded the level of oxygen of the water, the water pH, conductivity, nitrate and so on.


After all the samples were checked, we went to have lunch. The lunch was quite good and we liked it very much.


With a full belly of food we went to write reports and analyse all the data with another group. Our group analyzed water from Lithuanian lake and river and we decided that it’s good and not too polluted. After that we changed places with two other groups and went to dissect fish. It was quite a doubtful pleasure, but many liked it very much.


In the evening we had different activities. Some students went to play basketball at school , some went to Kivitippu to do Kaisla’s workout, but some were tired and just spent time with their host families at home.

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