Photos around the year from Estonia, Finland and Lithuania

Lithuanian photos

Picture 1. Autumn's Tears of Joy. November, by teacher Inga. (A plant with water droplets on the spiderweb lit by the sun.)
Picture 2. Ice Spikes. January, by Ema. (A bottle with frozen water which was left in a car.)
Picture 3. The Face of Winter. January, by Ema. (A frozen window)
Picture 4. The Scepter. November, by teacher Inga. (The beauty of a frozen dead plant)
Picture 5. Lithuanian Cotton. December, by Mikola's father. (A dried bush with snow)
Picture 6. Mysterious Path. February, by teacher Inga. (A foggy park that shows all kinds of water: fog, ice and snow and a path leading to the Central Hotel in Radviliskis.)
Picture 7. Anti-Gravity. December, by Aleksandra's mom. (The juniper covered in icicles)
Picture 8. Christmas Pie. December, by Monika. (Snow puffiness creates an optical illusion)
Picture 9. Duck Face. January, by Aleksandra's mom. (Winter fossils)
Picture 10. Swarowski. December, by Ugne. (Temporary nature diamonds)

Estonian photos

Descriptions of the pictures

Picture 1. December. Last sunset in 2018. Ivan/Valeria.
This beautiful picture was taken on December 31, 2018 on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. Looking at the sun, you can imagine how this year goes with it.

Picture 2. December. Water patterns on my window. Stefania.
There are condensate droplets on the window because of cold and snow.

Picture 3. January. Winter awakening. Arina.
Frost took good care of the river. The river fell into a winter sleep. This surface is covered with a sturdy thick layer of ice. The river wants to wake up faster and feel the spring warmth.

Picture 4. January. Winter in Estonia 2019. Polina B.
In this picture everybody can see a twig of a bush, which is ice-glazed. This photo was taken on January 22, when the temperature was 13 degrees below zero. The weather was very atypical for Estonia - chilly, frosty and snowy. All the twigs of this bush were covered with snow and ice. I had never seen anything like that before.

Picture 5. February. Ice mirror. Arina.
Water, as a reflection of the soul, so the picture is filled with a sense of the breadth of the river expanse, cool freshness of air, a sense of freedom and flight.

Picture 6. February. Waterdrops on my window. Anna/Alina.
There are different conditions of water. This photo shows waterdrops on my window.

Picture 7. March. It happened in the rain. Polina P.
Rain brings about cleansing and reincarnation of everything. Water gives new life to everything.

Picture 8. March. Spring is coming. Alina.
Spring comes, ice melts and sun shines. It feels like spring is going to be pretty warm and full of exciting memories.

Finnish photos

1. January
Powder snow on the road - Aino Lamminen
Rabbit has been enjoying winter wonderland.

2. April
The sunset lightens up the wetland - Miisa Luoma
Wetland and sunset, all together creating Finnish nature.

3. May
Lonely tree on the shoreline - Aino Lamminen
Sometimes you need to go out of all the noise to find your own voice.

4. July
Summer day in the wharf - Annika Heijari
The sun is shining and water is clear. Would you like to go for a swim?

5. August
River on summer evening - Miisa Luoma
The river spreads peace.

6. October
Dog in the sunset - Aino Lamminen
Sky is on fire while the dog is enjoying cold water.

7. November
Birches guarding the stream - Kati Timoharju
Snow has finally arrived in Finland. Now waiting for Christmas to start.

8. December
White Christmas - Annika Heijari
The clouds have come to greet the land. käyttää vain välttämättömiä evästeitä istunnon ylläpitämiseen ja anonyymiin tekniseen tilastointiin. ei koskaan käytä evästeitä markkinointiin tai kerää yksilöityjä tilastoja. Lisää tietoa evästeistä