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Rakokivi school is a primary school with around 350 pupils. Rakokivi school is a school for children at the age of 7-12, from first to sixth graders. We are one of the public schools in Lahti and follow the official curriculum. Our staff includes 16 class teachers, 8 special education teachers, 8 school assistants and a principal. Our school is located at the centre of Nastola. Nastola is situated 20 kilometers east from the city centre of Lahti. Nastola is a part of the city of Lahti. We have an easy access to the nature and there are good sports facilities nearby. The socio-economic status of the area is rather low, which affects the school in various ways. The need for special education is big.


Rakokivi school runs temporarily in the Nastopoli building with upper secondary school and pre-school. Our old school building was demolished due to the bad condition. Fortunately, the construction of our new school building has already started. The new community center is estimated to be ready in the spring of 2021. Along with our elementary school the new community center will accommodate kindergarten, pre-school and a library. 


It is worth mentioning that in our school there are mainly open learning environments. In Rakokivi school staff works as teams that include class teachers, a special education teacher and one or two school assistants. The team plans, implements and evaluates the teaching of one grade. 

· For example, in third grade there are 63 pupils, 3 class teachers, one special education teacher and one school assistant. 

· The team shares the responsibility of whole grade together.

· The pupils are divided into different groups for different lessons. For instance, the grouping maybe different in mathematics and in English. We believe that with flexible grouping the needs of the pupils can met more precisely. 


In Rakokivi school there are pupils with cognitive, behavioral and social problems. Nevertheless, in our school children with special education needs study among all the other pupils of the same age group. The special education teacher of the age group plans the support in learning together with the team members and the support is implemented by the entire team. 


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Rakokiven koulu
Rakokiventie 2
FI 15550 Nastola


Ms. Johanna Heinonen, class teacher

Mrs. Veera Vives, class teacher

Mrs. Titta Luukkonen, class teacher


Mrs. Susanna Kulonen, principal

Mrs. Katri Kulonen, assistant principal

Mrs. Anne Parviainen, secretary


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