Quality Handbook at Kulkuri School of Distance Education

Quality Handbook at Kulkuri SDE

In this handbook we have collected the main components to build, maintain and develop quality online education. The Quality Handbook at Kulkuri SDE (School of Distance Education) will be used as
  • a tool to develop the work of online teachers, online courses and the entire online school
  • training material for new teachers and content designers.
At the end of each chapter there is a checklist which is a practical tool for each teacher to evaluate their courses. The checklists can also be used in pairs or teams to evaluate one another's courses.

All checklists are combined in the last chapter of the Quality Handbook. It can be copied, modified and used regularly as a helpful tool.

The writing of the Quality Handbook is an ongoing process. We welcome all readers to contribute their ideas in the comment section of each chapter.

Kulkuri School of Distance Education