Information to DigComEdu colleagues

Hello colleagues peer reviewing my work! 

You're looking at my draft version of course OP2 post-graduate studies, work and future. I decided to create this draft to our schools webpages to orient myself pragmatically towards teaching this course.

I ask you to familiarize at least with the main page, the instructions page and the file below. In those pages and file you can find my core ideas concerning this teaching project (equivalent of three-four A4 pages)

You can of course look around the course page in overall but there isn't much to look at this point. An example of e-tivitie can be found under Part 2 in Well-being section.

I have made all the elements in this coursepage so that you are able to comment them if you first register as a user. It's free and possible, but not at all necessary. If you will, please post comments below each element if you have some developing ideas etc. (just click the link where reads "kommenttia")

The actual peer-review is supposed to be done in the matrix-form I guess? You'll know what to do after being able to see instructions in Moodle within peer-review-tool.

Below you can find my final concept which is in a form of a course plan. In there I open my ideas on 
  • didactics
  • tools and media I would be using
  • accessibility design
  • the theoretical framework that I would emphasize

Yours sincerely,