Starter E-tivity

Introducing yourself to others and to the course goals

PURPOSE: Introduce yourself to others and get familiar with the content of the course.
TASK: Go through all the content and the goals of the course OP2 in the mainpage and instructions page.
1. Which of the topics sound most interesting to you? 
2. What do you consider the most important goal for the course for you?

Post your answer to the forum below.

Your answer to these to should be between 20-50 words.

3. After answering these 2, post an introduction of yourself to this forum:

Log in with your school email ( and post a video of yourself where you introduce yourself. Use my videopost as an example. Flipgrid will ask permission to record your sound and video, which you have to accept. You don't have to show your face if you don't want to, but it would be nice. Only people participating in this course will see the video. You can also point the camera away from yourself and just record the sound if you want.
REACTION: Watch all the introduction videos in flipgrid and push the like button when you've watched the each video
TIME: This e-tivity should be ready during the first half of the 1st week (dates in more detail when the course starts)