Here our journey begins!

The course is divided into three parts 
1) Recognizing possibilities
2) Surviving in the world
3) Planning the future

You will be contributing to this course for 8 weeks which is about one school period. Each week has its own assignments or so called e-tivities. You can see the timeline below. More specific dates you can see from each e-tivity.

Please, always read all the e-tivities for the week first before you start doing them. Some of the e-tivities require you to schedule a meeting with your group that teacher has assigned you to. Some of the e-tivities are mainly individual working combined with discussions and collaboration with your coursemates.

Please do ask if you have any questions or problems occuring and I or your coursemates can answer. If you see a question you might be able to answer, feel free answer, to help each other. You can also contact me through individually if you want. Please make all the contacts regarding this course through - that will make my life easier, thanks!

Depending on your device, you will find the question forum on the right or below.

Remember also order this course's messages by clicking the star icon in the mainpage top right corner. After clicking the icon you have to tap the "order this course and all the material in it" to get for example my messages to pop-up to your You can watch this infovideo of ordering the course, if you need. (COUNSELOR WILL POST THIS VIDEO LATER)

All the communication by teacher with regards this course (i.e. assigned groups, changes in timetable) are made through main page's message board. THIS IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT YOU ORDER THIS COURSE AS DESCRIBED ABOVE!