ENA8 s2018

Course plan

ENA 8 Puhu ja ymmärrä paremmin

Lessons on Mon-Fri 11:30-12:15

Susanna Kääriäinen (susanna.kaariainen@edukouvola.fi)


Welcome to course 8!

Kurssin tarkoituksena on syventää ja vahvistaa suulista kielitaitoasi erilaisten tehtävien kautta. Keskitymme ääntämiseen, kertaamme aihepiirisanastoja ja harjoittelemme suullista koetta varten.

Kurssilla on käytössä Insights 8-kirja.


Fri 10th Aug Aloitus: kurssin sisällöt ja arviointi. Kesämuistelot (1min speeches). p.6-7


Mon 13th Aug Conversational styles p.120-121

Tues 14th Aug Ch 2At the movies: 2a, 2b, 2c, p.16-17 Glossary + C

Wed 15th Aug p.20 3C, p.22-23

Thurs 16th Aug Ch 4 It’s about equality: engage, 4a, 4b, 4d

Fri 17th Aug Compensation strategies p.122 + 4f p.31


Mon 20th Aug Pronunciation

Tues 21st Aug How to deliver a speech p.131-132

Wed 22nd Aug p.44-45 Economy

Thurs 23rd Aug Ch 7 Green architecture 7a, 7c, 7e

Fri 24th Aug p.56-57 Environment


Mon 27th Aug Individual speeches

Tues 28th Aug Individual speeches 

Wed 29th Aug Individual speeches

Thurs 30th Aug No lesson

Fri 31st Aug No lesson


Mon 3rd Sep Practicing for the oral exam

Tues 4th Sep Pronunciation

Wed 5th Sep Ch 8 Doing our bit engage, 8b, 8d

Thurs 6th Sep p.64-65 Development aid

Fri 7th Sep Ch 10 text, 10b, 10c, 10f


Mon 10th Sep Practicing for the oral exam

Tues 11th Sep p. 82-83 Health and well-being

Wed 12th Sep Ch 11 On your feet soldier text, 11d

Thurs 13th Sep p.104-107 Politics

Fri 14th Sep Oral exams (if needed) / Ch 13 Intonation


Mon 17th Sep Oral exams

Tues 18th Sep Oral exams

Wed 19th Sep Oral exams 

Thurs 20th Sep Oral exams 



The course exam is an oral exam that you will do in pairs. You may freely choose your partner yourselves, but I will help you pair up if necessary. The schedule for the exams will be agreed upon later. The oral exam will form 1/3rd of your grade for this course. The other 2/3rds are participation during lessons and your individual speech for which you will have time to prepare well, so don't worry! :)


If you are aiming high and want to get a good grade for the course, make sure that:

- You don't have more than 5 absences

- You take part in the oral exam (this is a perquisite of getting a grade at all but, in addition, you will get a separate certificate from this exam)

- You participate in class!!!

- You give your speech




I hope you’ll enjoy the course!