Loppukokeen asiat

Loppukokeeseen pe 29.3. klo 8.15 alkaen tulee:

- Teksti 9 Gig economy
- Glossaries Work ja Economics

- Epäsuora kerronta
- Lauseenvastikkeet
- Prepositiot

- Luetun ymmärtäminen
- Kirjoitelma

Lauseenvastiketehtävän ratkaisu

ENA6: Lauseenvastikkeet, KEY

  1. Before leaving for school…
  2. When walking to school, …
  3. After calling / Having called an ambulance…
  4. After arriving / Having arrived / After having arrived at school…
  5. Not knowing if anyone …
  6. Did you know the man killed in the accident?
  7. Who is that man talking to my wife?
  8. The weather (being) awful, we decided to …
  9. The ambulance not having arrived yet, I decided …
  10. (Being) such a nice man, Peter can never say no.
  11. Peter (being) such a nice man, his colleagues

Prepositiotehtävien ratkaisut

Homework 33 p. 174

  1. applied for
  2. arrived at
  3. didn't complain about
  4. didn't rob / deprive her of
  5. convinced her of
  6. prevented her from being
  7. had been waiting for / had waited for
  8. had insisted on taking
  9. listening / to listen to
  10. had resorted to
  11. had blamed; for
  12. had been based on


Homework 36 p. 178

  1. to apologize to all of you for
  2. disapprove of; will approve of / accept
  3. have reached; are looking forward to celebrating
  4. have spent a lot of time on; (have) devoted ourselves to
  5. haven't considered studying / haven't regarded studying as; to talk about / discuss
  6. participating in / attending
  7. have benefitted from; have commented on
  8. looking after / taking care of
  9. has affected/influenced
  10. visit
  11. to congratulate everybody on
  12. listen to


Homework 40 p. 185

  1. Congratulations on finding a new job!
  2. There's no more effective cure for boredom than a new job.
  3. My dependence on / addiction to excitement made me look/apply for a new job.
  4. Career prospects also affected / Influenced / had an effect/impact/influence on my decision.
  5. Or maybe they were just an excuse for changing jobs.
  6. My boss's ignorance of my situation was also an important reason.
  7. Now I can take responsibility for several assignments/tasks.
  8. A bigger salary also means that I'll be paying more tax(es) on my income.
  9. Boredom is a threat to job satisfaction.
  10. An employee has to have / must have a lot of trust/faith/belief in themselves nowadays / these days.


Homework 44 p. 194

  1. Are you committed to working hard?
  2. Not all computer programs are compatible with each other.
  3. Our findings weren't consistent with the general opinion.
  4. We are crazy about chocolate.
  5. I'm committed/dedicated/devoted to my career.
  6. Our boss is dependent on my advice.
  7. Last year he/she was disappointed in/with me and my performance.
  8. We have been exposed to construction dust because of the renovation.
  9. I'm familiar with the trends in the economy.
  10. We shouldn't be incapable of making quick decisions.


Homework 45 p. 194

  1. of
  2. of
  3. to
  4. with
  5. -
  6. of
  7. on
  1. -
  2. from
  3. for



Talviloman jälkeisellä viikolla tapahtuu

molemmilla ryhmillä:
ke 6.3. LC1, kone ja kuulokkeet mukaan (Abitti)
pe 8.3. välikoe, kone ja kuulokkeet mukaan (Abitti)

Välikokeeseen tulee:
- tekstit 1, 3 ja 4 (sanat ja spot the phrase)
- Glossary Education
- adjektiivit ja adverbit
- videotehtäviä

Course contents and evaluation

ENA06 Course plan and evaluation


  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing
  • speaking

Methods (+ objectives):

  • four texts (reading, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, writing)
  • 3 glossaries (vocabulary)
  • grammar (grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, reading)
  • 2-3 listening comprehensions, on Abitti (listening, vocabulary)
  • job fair workshop (vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, speaking, listening)


  • will be based on the whole course. All the required assignments must be handed in to get a passing grade.
  • word tests during the course (texts and glossaries)
  • mid-term exam, vocab, grammar and videos (Abitti)
  • listening comprehension x2-3, the best result will be the test score
  • final exam during the evaluation week (Abitti): RC, vocab (spot the phrase), grammar, composition
  • classroom participation


Extra work, extra points! Up to 20 points are up for grabs.


How to earn extra points for your English course

  1. Reading and writing: Choose an article in English (you can use magazines and newspapers, both printed and online) that has something to do with any of the topics dealt with in class. Summarize the main contents of the article in English and make a list of useful words in English and Finnish. Also comment on the article – was it interesting, current; why did you choose it; will it have any impact on anything, etc. Also remember to include a link to the article you chose. (About 1000 – 1300 characters) 10p
  2. Listening and writing: Watch a documentary on Youtube in English that has something to do with any of the topics dealt with in class. Write a summary of the documentary in English and add your own comments as well. Also remember to include a link to the documentary you chose. (About 1000 – 1300 characters) 10p
  3. This can also be a group project. Researching and talking: Prepare a Power Point presentation about a topic that is related to any of the themes dealt with in class. (Or you can use these: Text 1 DIY p. 17; Text 4 DIY p. 45; Text 7 DIY p. 72; Text 9 DIY p. 93) You can study and present the topic from any perspective. Give an oral presentation in class using the Power Point. The oral presentation has to be scheduled in advance in co-operation with the teacher. (About 5-10 minutes) 10p
  4. Writing task: Choose two of the topics in your book (Learning to learn 4. Writing task / p. 126-127). Write a composition of about 150-300 words (700-1300 characters) on both of them. 10p. 

Extra work, extra points

Upload your extra assignment(s) here in order to score extra points for your course evaluation.
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