Practice composition

Choose one of the titles and write a short composition of about 150-300 words (700-1300 characters) on it. Follow the guidance. Deadline: Tuesday the 5th of March at 8 pm.

Palauta aineesi liitetiedostona. Varmistathan, että
- fonttikoko on vähintään 12
- riviväli on 2
- tiedostomuoto on .doc(x) tai .pdf (pdf toimii parhaiten korjausohjelmassani, mielellään käytä sitä)

NB. Kirjoita aineen yläkulmaan myös sähköpostiosoitteesi! Saat arvioidun aineen takaisin sähköpostiisi.

1. Born to succeed?
If you were lucky enough to be born into a wealthy family living in a spacious house in the suburbs, will it automatically spell a golden future for you? What if you were born into a slum or into a family ridden with multiple problems, including poverty? Does it mean you are doomed? How much does our fate depend on our background? Discuss.

2. What is sports?
Where would you draw the line when it comes to the definition of the word sports? Would ballet or dance or cheerleading be sports? How about card games, billiards or computer games? Write a speech to be given in class. Discuss and argue for your point of view by giving supporting examples and try to convince the audience of the fact that you are right.

3. Travel broadens the mind
They say that visiting foreign cultures and countries teaches you a lot about people, and also about yourself. Do you agree? How much have you travelled? Has travelling broadened your mind? Discuss and give examples.

4. Tired of ______, tired of life!
Tired of London, tired of life! This is a quote from Samuel Johnson, a famous poet and critic who lived in the 19th century. Insert a word of your choosing into the title and write about the topic in your blog.
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Sinulla ei ole tarvittavia oikeuksia lähettää mitään.

Course contents and evaluation

This is what we agreed:

During the course (besides texts and grammar):

- 4-5 texts
- grammar
- listening exercises (basic and/or advanced level matriculation exams in addition to the listening exercises in the book)
- video clips
- word tests and pop quizzes (Socrative)
- a practice composition

The final test (during the exam week) comprises listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar and vocabulary, and composition.

Evaluation will be based on regular attendance, diligence and effort, active participation, doing your homework, attitude towards studying and lessons, and the test results.

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