ENA1 Englannin kieli ja maailmani

Kurssilla kehitetään opiskelutaitoja yksin, pareittain ja ryhmässä toimien sekä parannetaan vuorovaikutustaitoja. Kurssin aikana tutustutaan erilaisiin viestintästrategioihin ja harjoitellaan itsearviointia. Pohditaan englannin asemaa globaalina maailman kielenä ja kommunikaation välineenä.

Aihepiirit: Nuorten elämä, opiskelu, perhe, suomalaisuus ja paikallisuus, englanti globaalina kielenä.
Rakenteet: Lauseenmuodostuksen periaatteet, aikamuodot, tulevan ajan ilmaiseminen, konditionaalit, liitekysymykset.



Welcome to course 1!

During this course you will strenghten and enhase your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar as well as improve your reading, writing and listening skills not to mention your oral skills!

During the course you will also be working on a project called EFF, ie. English For Fun which is a mini-portfolio that you will construct by the end of the course. You can find more detailed information and advice for this task below.

EFF - English For Fun

As you might quess from the title, the aim of this exercise is to make you realise that there are many different and interesting ways to learn a language. The teaching you get from school is only a part of that.

During course 1 you will try out different ways to learn English and report back to me by doing a mini-portfolio that you will return here.

Use pictures, videos etc. to make your portfolio as appealing and interesting as possible! Remember to list your sources as well!

Your work will be graded and, if done with great care and devotion, it can affect your course grade in positive way!


Instructions for the EFF