Hanke: Yrittäjyyskasvatus 2018-1-FI01-KA101-047003 Erasmus+

Kolarin kunnalle on myönnetty Euroopan Unionin Erasmus+ rahoitusta (6512€) Yrittäjyyskasvatus-hankkeeseen. Tuki käytetään opetushenkilöstön liikkuvuuteen yrittäjyyskasvatuskoulutuksiin osallistumiseen ulkomailla.

Hankkeen kesto 1.6.2018 – 31.5.2020.
Hankkeen yhteyshenkilö: Anne Joki, anne.joki@kolari.fi

"Tourism is very important occupation in Kolari area. Turism requires both language skills and entrepreneurship skills. It is important to create network to other European countries and also to Sweden because we have same border. We a want to develop our co-operation with Sweden further, we already have a lot of co operation but we have even discussed about entrepreneur camp with Swedish and Norwegian parties. 
It is important to bring Entrepreneurship theme to pupils knowledge in Kolari high school and in secondary school. It has been in our curriculum since 2015. 

In first phase of the project we have five teachers from different subject areas after teachers education project will be expanded to all teachers and student in our schools. There will be entrepreneurship and international theme studies which will affect all student. 

In best case we can motivate and help our pupils and students to find new ways to employ themselves and find inspiration to their lives and see new possibilities in their own growing area. This can be achieved by finding new international network, teacher education and with new motivating learnings skills. 
When teachers participate to courses we want find experience,knowledge and international and national networks which we can use later on in our themes studies and in further study planning. We want encourage and develop our teachers skills to make international contacts and start new co operation."