Some instructions for making and giving the speech

- Prepare your speech and hand it out to your teacher by the date which has been given to you.
- You will get your speech back in time in order to rehearse it properly before the actual delivery of the speech in class.

Things to remember while writing the speech and rehearsing it:
a. Mark the points which you want to emphasize on the paper (e.g. with a colour).
b. Remember to use the body language as well.
c. Use the appropriate phrases at the beginning and at the end of your speech.
(Open Road, p. 54-55)

- You have the role of "An ACTIVE listener" (the body language, fillers, ...)

A few topics

In addition to the topics which have been given to you on p.51 (Open Road 8), here are a few more topics to choose from:

1. A graduation speech

2. Me - a representative at the Finnish Parliament? - Of course!

3. My home town: The benefits of living in the country. What kind of improvements would I suggest?

4. This is Finland
- Pay special attention to social and/or political aspects

5. The President of Finland is visiting your home town and you have been given the honour to deliver the welcome speech to him.

6. The President of Finland is visiting Karstula Upper Secondary school, and you have been chosen to be the student who welcomes him to your school on behalf of all the others.

The Speech

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