Youth and Community Instructor studies

Youth and Community Instructor (180 ECVET competence points)

The Youth and Community Instructor plans, arranges and guides activities for people of all ages. The work includes instruction, guidance and support work with an emphasis in increasing participation, civic activities and multicultural work. The field focuses on hobbies and activity opportunities as well as developing the living conditions of youth. Also securing and expanding the social participation opportunities are important.

Content of program:
The Youth and Community Instructor’s degree options (degree title: Youth and Community Instructor) is formed of four mandatory degree parts:

  • Encountering people
  • Upbringing and guidance
  • Guidance for individual, group and community
  • Promoting the growth and wellbeing of youth
  • Supporting participation and strengthening social skills
In addition, the studies include 35 credits of selective subjects for parts of the degree; ie communication and interaction skills, mathematics, natural sciences as well as social studies and occupational studies.

It is also possible to complete a double degree. It is also possible to complete a Humak degree in social pedagogy of 60 credits. These studies are recognized as is in Humanities studies at a University of Applied Sciences.

Learning at the workplace is an essential part of the education and guidance studies and the competence is evaluated at workplace practice sessions. Through practical work, the student gets acquainted with various organizations working in the field and utilizes more of the skills they acquire all the time. The work can be at, for example children and youth camps, municipal youth and leisure facilities, parishes, kindergartens, schools, morning and afternoon clubs, organizations and child welfare units, elderly services or various projects. The student can also complete a part of the training abroad at different workplaces.

Study program implementation:
Each student is provided with a personal competence development plan (HOKS), which takes into account any previous studies and competencies and plans the personal implementation of the degree.

The knowledge is learned at school and at work with an educational agreement or an apprenticeship agreement. The study program takes about three years. Previous studies can shorten the study period.

Apply for the education program through the joint application at Persons who have some earlier degree, can apply directly at the school.
Special application

Kasvatus- ja ohjausalan perustutkinto (e-perusteet)

After graduation
Persons graduating with a degree in youth and social instructor studies can find employment as youth workers, special care workers, foster care workers and as instructors in organizations.

Studies give eligibility to study in higher education institutions. Some graduates continue their studies in polytechnics, for example, as a community pedagogue, a social worker or a sports guide. After graduation, you can also deepen your studies at the Haapaveden Opisto, for example, in a vocational qualification for a special instructor for children and young people or a vocational qualification for school and morning and afternoon tutors (from 1 January 2019, vocational qualification in education and vocational training).

To be taken into consideration
The education of the youth and community instructor is part of the fields of study that comply with the provisions of the SORA legislation and the degree-specific health requirements. According to the SORA legislation (Decisions on incompatibility of studies), which entered into force on 1 January 2012, a person who is not in a state of health or fitness capable of performing practical work or on-the-job learning can not be accepted as a student.

In addition to the above, the study and occupation contain requirements concerning the safety of minors (32 §).
And the Act regarding occupational education L 631/ 1998 and L 952/2011

Additional info:
Issues concering content and teaching in the program,
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