Vocational degree for special instructor of children and youth

Vocational degree for special instructor of children and youth (Beginning on 1st Jan 2019 Vocational Qualification of Education and Instructors)

Further Vocational Qualification of Children and Youth with Special Needs and associated preparatory education is arranged at the Haapavesi Folk High School in the form of multiform and apprenticeship education.

You can also apply for a qualification without preparatory training if, after personalization, the professional qualification is found to be sufficient.

The aim of the education is to deepen the competence of the education sector in demanding education and guidance tasks.

The special needs instructor for children and youth works in the field of child protection, in schools, in day care, in special youth work, in multicultural work in workshops and activity centers of young people and special groups, in institutions and in civic and organizational activities.

The education program is intended for adults who have applicable basic education in the field or comparable knowledge and skills as well as 3 years of work experience in the field.

Content of educational program
The preparatory training for the vocational qualification for the special needs instructor for children and youth includes three day of in-class hours per month, on-the-job learning and independent and online studies.

Study fee 350 €. Education is free of charge for apprentice program students.

Each student is provided with a personal study plan at the beginning of the studies. Sufficient experience and training found in the personalization process can be a good reason to guide the student directly to the qualifications event.

Professional skills are presented at the qualification event to show the parts of the degree in a work-oriented setting. The qualification consists of five parts.

The qualification is made of the following parts:
Mandatory courses:
1. Professional activities with children and youth with special needs
2. Strengthening individual and community involvement
3. The diversity of cultures in counselling/instruction

Elective qualification components (select two):
4. Guidance and support for children with special needs and their families
5. Guidance and support for young people with special needs and their families
6. Qualification part of another program
7. Working as an entrepreneur

To be taken into consideration
We comply with the National Board of Education Act 28/011/2015 on the student's health conditions in vocational and specialty qualifications.
Health conditions requirements can be found HERE.

Additional Information:
Content of education and teaching related matters
Haapaveden Opisto
Principal Marika Åvist,
040-868 2282

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