Business Qualification

Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration  (180 ECVET competence points)

At the Haapaveden Opisto, you can study for a business degree in which content focuses on the library and culture sector. The degree provides excellent skills for working in a variety of library or cultural activities.

Content of Educational Program:
During the training you will learn
  • how to carry out customer service tasks,
  • participate in making collections,
  • to make inquiries/info searches,
  • to guide customers in information acquisition,
  • to design cultural events and
  • to do home area and museum work.
Job-based learning is an essential part of the studies in the library and culture sector and is evaluated at workplace work presentations. Through practical work, the student gets acquainted with various organizations working in the field and utilizes the more of the skills they acquire all the time. During the study period it is also possible to go abroad for international exchange.

Implementation of Educational studies:
Each student is provided with a personal competence development plan (HOKS), which takes into account any previous studies and competencies and plans the personal implementation of the qualification.

Skills are acquired at the school and at the workplace through training contracts or apprenticeships. The duration of the studies is about three years. Previously acquired know-how shortens the study time.

To apply for the education, go to the national joint application at Persons who already have an earlier degree may apply by separate application directly at the school.
Special application

This educational program is free of charge.

After graduation:
A job after graduation is influenced above all by the student's attitude and know-how. For example, graduates from Haapavesi Folk High School work with the following titles:
  • Librarian
  • Library Assistant
  • Information Services Assistant
  • Information assistant
  • Cultural affairs secretary.

Studies gives prerequisites for studies in higher education institutions.
Business Degree (e-perusteet)

Additional info:
Issues concering content and teaching in the program, 
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