Towards Wellbeing studies 20.8.2018 - 29.5.2019

Towards Wellbeing studies

wellbeing.jpgEveryone has much information related to wellbeing. The goal of the Towards Wellbeing studies is to learn how to utilize this information and skills in the best possible way in their own lives. During the year of studies, we study and experience a wide range of methods and tools for physical activity, music, art, health and nutrition that improve well-being and quality of life. The basis for all learning is the balance between sleep, nutrition and physical activity. The education provides a comprehensive picture of wellbeing factors throughout the year and teaches them to utilize these skills at work, studying and leisure.

Content of Education
  • Grouping
  • Personal goals and study plan
  • Digital skills that support learning
  • Fundamentals of Comprehensive Wellbeing
  • promoting mental wellbeing (eg Mindfullness)
  • Thematic courses: sport, art, health, nutrition, music, nature
  • Sleep, exercise and diet
  • Cultural wellbeing
  • Social networks
  • Monitoring and final evaluation of study objectives
  • Open Studies, Partnership Campus or lessons of the High School (Personal Study Plan)

wellbeing2.jpgTarget group
The education is designed to increase the personal wellbeing knowledge and skills to those adults interested. Education is also well-suited for those who are interested in the wellbeing industry, for example, wanting to supplement their skills when seeking studies in the field.

Time of education
20th Aug 2018 – 29th May 2019, registration by 10th Aug 2018
Studying is full-time (25 hr/week)

Tuition and accommodation
  • Study fee 50 eur/week
  • Study fee and lunch 70 eur/week
  • Study fee and accommodation 80 eur/week
  • Study fee and room and board 100 eur/week
Students applying for studies can apply for financial aid which reduces the study fees.

For more info and application
Tero Mononen: tero.mononen(at), 040 868 2285

E-application is found HERE. (
Students selected will be informed by email.