Entrepreneurship Studies for Immigrants 20.8.2018 - 29.5.2019

Entrepreneurship Studies for Immigrants

yrittäjyyslinja (2).jpgThe aim of the study program is to improve the entrepreneurial skills of immigrants. In addition to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship vocabulary, government services related to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial culture, sales and networking are studied.

The study is carried out according to the nationwide year of entrepreneurship program. At the beginning of the study year, an actual team company is set up to help entrepreneurship through practice.

During the study year, the students participate in competitions and events organized by the year of entrepreneurship program and plan and implement a co-operation event for Haapavesi.

Target group
For immigrants who have studied the Finnish language and/or are interested in entrepreneurship.

Study period
20.8.2018 - 29.5.2019

Implementation of study
The study program is a full-time study, about 25 hours of in-class study per week.

Content of study program
Establishing a team company according to the year of entrepreneurship program
Government services for entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurial culture
Sales work and networking
Implementing a co-operation project
Participating in entrepreneurial competitions

Tuition fee and housing
Tuition only: 50 eur/week (study voucher assistance can lower the price).
The fee includes only the study. The student must arrange own housing and food.
Tuition and lunch: 70 eur/week
The fee includes the tuition and lunch in the school cafeteria (Mon-Fri).
Tuition and housing: 80 eur/week
The fee includes tuition and housing.

Tuition and full room and board: 100 eur/week
The fee includes tuition, housing in the school dorms, breakfast and lunch (Mon-Fri) and supper (Mon-Thu). Separate boarding school rules, dorm guide and dorm agreement must be complied with.

Persons applying for study can apply for study voucher assistance, which lowers the study fees.

For more info and applications:
Elina Hiiva: elina.hiiva(at)haapop.fi, 040 868 2596

Electronic application form can be found HERE. The application form can be requested from the office by phone, tel 040 – 868 2290.

Students selected for the study will be informed by phone and letter. Up to 20 students will be selected for the study. You can ask about the availability of study places throughout the year.

Additional information
Anne Pentinlehto: anne.pentinlehto(at)haapop.fi, 040 868 2741