Kypäräläinen 2018 (digilehti)

Pääkirjoitus / Editorial


Newspaper week in Kypärämäki School


We started the newspaper week in our school with the selection of the 14 editor-in-chiefs, one from each class. On Friday the 26th of January we had a visitor. Kampiz Ghafouri, a freelance journalist working for different news agencies for example the BBC, visited our school and gave us three lectures on his work: one for the sixth, fifth and fourth graders each. Ghafouri also answered the pupils’ questions. Our English teacher Otto Turunen took the role of a translator.

On Tuesday the 30th, our editors visited Keskisuomalainen and saw a short film on how a newspaper is made.

The pupils at our school started to work on their own newspaper: Two different formats of the newspapers were made: one that is completely digital in and another that’s on Kypärämäki school walls. Some of the hallways and classrooms were transformed into different sections of a newspaper and the articles and stories categorized accordingly.

We asked some of the fifth-graders whether the newspaper week was “fun”. Most of them found the week nice:


Elizabeth Ericco: Quite all right.

Sisu Hakaanpää: Yes.

Joona Hyvärinen: No.

Veena Hälinen: Yes.

Anni Kaipainen: No.

Jimi Kaipio: Yes.

Janja Karhunen: Yes.

Maisa Lillie: Yes.

Niilo Taskinen: Yes.


Text: Sini Liukkonen 5m, Lili Keskinen 5a, Roosa Rossi 5b

Translation: Otto Turunen