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Kortepohja school

Kortepohja Elementary School

Kortepohja Elementary School is a comprehensive school for grades one through six. We also have a group for students with minor cognitive disabilities and a partly integrated small group for other Special Education Needs students, which belongs to the Viitaniemi school district. Our staff consists of teachers, support assistants, a varying number of trainees, a school secretary and the headmaster.

The Local Curriculum (Jyväskylä) in Finnish

CLIL - teaching in English language

Every class in Kortepohja Elementary School has about one CLIL lesson per week, most classes even more than that. CLIL is implemented in many subjects. The amount and the decisions on the contents being taught through a foreign language are dependent on the skills of the pupils, the available amount of lessons, the teachers' previous experiences in content and language integrated teaching, as well as available CLIL resources. There are always two goals that have to be taken into account when implementing CLIL: 1) the goals set for the subject must be reached and 2) pupils are to learn the foreign language used in teaching the subject. The contents and the goals of the subjects are based on the valid curriculum.