EDLS250 Collaborative Teacher Leadership

EDLS250 Collaborative Teacher Leadership

This course consists of nine different learning sessions. One session usually covers a focused topic of the course’s main theme as determined by the lecturer.

In addition to watching the lectures you are expected to do several assignments during the course as listed below.

  1. Readings. The two books covered in the course are listed in the course materials. In some lectures you will be given a special focus area in the books which you should have covered before watching the lecture. Also additional readings are available.
  2. Reflective reports from each session. The reports are submitted after each session.
  3. Discussions / blog writings with an obligation to comment other students’ writings.
  4. Power point presentation on a given topic in Sesssion 7.
  5. Final assignments for the course.

Details of the assignments are described in the appropriate sessions.

Before starting, please check the expected learning outcomes from the course overview below.