Horizon to the Future - ERASMUS+ KA2 project 2015-2018

Participation in the project

-Subject teachers have had the possibility to participate. There were one teacher in each TN-meeting and workshop.
Art teacher were in Bitterfeld
English and Spanish teacher were in Cambre
Religion teacher was in Bitterfeld
English and German teacher was in Civitavecchia
-Other teachers participated in the Joutsa TN-meeting in 15-17.3.2016, by organising an icefishing trip and presentation of the KiVa-school mediation method.
-Other teachers participated in the Joutsa workshop week 11.-15.4.2016 , with organizing a relaxation workshop, music etc.
-Teachers were participating in the Final meeting in 10.-12.4.2018 in Joutsa, when 15 guests from partner schools visited us and the Final celebrations in 12.4.2018 at 13.00.

-some of the 8th grade pupils hosted our guests during the workshop in Joutsa 11.-15.4.2016.
-some of the pupils from the Green Flag -activity presented their activities to our guests during the TN-meeting in Joutsa 15.-17.3.2016.
-4th grade pupils makes the huge letters for final meeting in Joutsa 10.-12.4.2018.
-Green Flag group worked as guides during the visit to Leivonmäki National Park, during the final meeting in Joutsa in 10.-12.4.2018
-All upper school grades from 7. to 9., were participating in the Final cerenomies of the project in 12.4.2018 at 13.00.

Joutsa primary school is project´s partner

Horizon to the Future project is funded by EU / Erasmus, and the project is coordinated by Joutsa High school. Project was 1.9.2015-31.5.2018, and it´s main aim was to offer students methods for their selfacknowledgement and career planning, and offer teachers education to learn these methods in order that they are able to use them in their work in the future. The project has collected all the materials and methods in eGuide.
Joutsa primary school has been partner in this project. In practise this means that one of our teacher has been participating in each Transnational meeting,(where teachers have planned and evaluated the project, and in each Workshop, where high school students have been working within the theme.

Horizon to the Future -project was for high school students and teachers in Joutsa/Finland, Montmélo/Spain, Cambre/Spain, Civitavecchia/Italy and Bitterfeld/Germany. Our primary school´s teachers had the opportunity to participate in it.

Timetable for years 2015-2018:

Autumn 2015: Montmélo, Spain
Transnational meeting in 28.-30.10.2015.
Workshop for students and seminar for teachers in 23.-27.11.2015, with the theme: Emotions and us.

Spring 2016: Joutsa, Finland
Transnational meeting in 15.-17.3.2016.
Workshop for students and seminar for teachers in 11.-15.4.2016, with the theme: Getting to know me and my possibilities.

Autumn 2016: Bitterfeld, Germany
Transnational meeting in 27.-29.9.2016.
Workshop for students and seminar for teachers in 24.-28.10.2016, with the theme: How to present myself for other people.

Spring 2017: Cambre, Spain
Transnational meeting in 14.-18.3.2017.
Workshop for students and seminar for teachers in 8.-13.5.2017, with the theme: Resolving conflicts: Peer to peer mediation.

Autumn 2017: Civitavecchia, Italy
Transnational meeting in 26.-28.9.2017.
Workshop for students and seminar for teachers in 23.-27.10.2017, with the theme: Being entrepeneur today

Spring 2018: Joutsa, Finland
The Final seminar in 10.-12.4.2018 in Joutsa: ”How does the Future Horizon look now?” of the whole project.