What is eGuide...???

In the Final meeting in Joutsa 10.-12.4.2018 Jakob showed us how the site looks out and we planned together some changes to it. It was also decided that Joutsa municipality provides the cloud space for this websiten also in the future.
Date for this situation 12.4.2018, Sanna.

eGuide is going to be the final webpage for the materials and didactic plans that we have worked with in our Horizon to the Future -project!
eGuide is not the final name for it... it will have a better name :)
At the moment German team, and especially the German students, are working with our eGuide. They are collecting and gathering our didactic plans etc to it and they are planning how the site will look like.
Date for this situation 6.10.2016, Sanna.

In TN-meeting in Coruna 14.-16.3.2017, our team was also discussing about the eGuide. We tried to upload it here earlier, so that everyone could see how it is developing, but the size was too big. 20170316_113858.jpg
Now German team will make a shorter version of it, so that we can upload it here before the final one will ready in spring 2018.
Date for this situation 22.3.2017, Sanna.

In TN-meeting in Civitavecchia 26.-28.9.2017, the German team presented the outlook of eGuide and our team planned the content of the eGuide more. Germany has agreed to have a domain for the eGuide.
Date for this situation 28.9.2017, Sanna.