Transnational meetings for project´s admistrative persons

Transnational meetings

What are Transnational meetings?
- Transnational meetings are for project´s contact persons from every partner school, they form a "Project group".
- This group helds meetings before every workshop- & seminar -week, and the aim is:
1) plan the upcoming workshop/seminar week
2) make sure that all arrangements are ready for that week
3) evaluate and assess our project´s results
4) to gather all tools and method to our project´s eGuide

- Transnational meetings are for the "Project group", and the members are:
Sanna Pienmäki, Finland the leader of the project
Sven Ebel, Germany
Marta Butjosa, Spain
Donato Colucci, Italy
Olga Varela, Spain

- All the agendas, reports and memos kept in these meetings will be found in this page.
Please notice that there are own pages for every meeting (in the left side of this page), see the right page and you will find all the materials.

Please ask more details from Sanna Pienmäki