Careers 2019-2022 Erasmus+ KA2 hanke

Careers -project timetable

TM meeting in Bitterfeld, Germany 24.-26.09.2019, for teachers.
Workshop in Bitterfeld, Germany 04.11.-08.11.2019, 6 students and 2 teachers.

TM meeting in Mazzarino, Italy 3.-5.3.2020, for teachers.
Workshop in Mazzarino, Italy spring 23.-27.3.2020, 6 students and 2 teachers.
-Meetings in Italy were cancelled, because of the Covid-pandemia.

Semester 2021-22 we had a break, and we gained more time for our project.

TM meeting in Montmelo, Spain autumn 2020
Workshop in Montmelo, Spain autumn 2020
=> We had a virtual meeting in Montmeló in 9.-10.3.2022

TM meeting in Joutsa, Finland spring 2021
Workshop in Joutsa, Finland spring 2021
=> We had a virtual meeting in Joutsa in 16.-17.5.2022

Summary of the project

Project is about future careers and studying prospects:
“Only those who know a wide range of offers can choose the one that suits them best”.

Aims are:
-to get to know the different companies, universities, organisations, chambers of commerce
-to have information events in the classes and prepare a digital brochure
-to enhance students´ responsibility and active citicenship
-to get information of the idea of Europe as a working and living environment
-to get to know local, regional and international opportunities
-to learn to deal with the demands of a constantly changing society in a global world

During workshops:
-information events
-visits to partner institutions
-icebreaking activities käyttää vain välttämättömiä evästeitä istunnon ylläpitämiseen ja anonyymiin tekniseen tilastointiin. ei koskaan käytä evästeitä markkinointiin tai kerää yksilöityjä tilastoja. Lisää tietoa evästeistä