BreKS 2019-2021 Erasmus+ KA2 hanke

BreaKing Sterotypes – BreKS –project 1.9.2019-31.8.2021, 24 months


C1 Teacher Training Munkebo, Denmark 25.-29.11.2019
Virtual meeting VM1-planning Dec.2019
C2 Ljubljana, Slovenia 7 students and 2 teachers mobility,
theme history, 3.-7.2.2020
C3 Craiova, Romania 7 students and 2 teachers mobility,
theme sports and dance, 9.-13.3.2020
Virtual mobility VM2 -evaluating, May/Aug.2020

C4 Teacher training Hellevoetsluis, Holland, Sep.2020
Virtual meeting VM3 -planning, Oct/Nov.2020
C5 Gubbio, Italy 7 students and 2 teachers mobility,
theme food, Jan/Feb2021
C6 Joutsa, Finland students+teachers mobility,
theme nature, Mar/Apr.2021
Virtual mobility VM4-evaluating May/Jun.2021
Virtual teachers evaluation VM5, May/Aug.2021

1) to study how cultural aspects (our 4 themes: nature, food, history, sports/dance) has influenced the identity formation in individuals and nations and
2) to discuss the similarities and differences between countries.

-Each student mobility has a theme and each partner school does a workshop about their country on this particular topic.
-Students prepare these workshops and lessons for all other students and they will choose the most meaningful issues considering their country and its mentality.
-The additional themes: 1) local traditions, 2) local games and 3) local music are used in each mobility as an icebreaking activities.
-Students´ virtual meetings are for planning and evaluating.