Canada - Finland project

About Hays School

Hello to our new friends in Finland!

Hays School provides educational opportunities for 65 students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 9. Our five teachers, four support staff and the rest of the Hays School team are Determined and committed to enhancement for our students' desire for lifelong learning and developing and growing relationships within the Hays community. Our combined grade classes foster a culture of caring and empathy, and feature very attractive student to teacher ratios. As a staff, we Activelly seek opportunities for our students to participate at at at at in extracurricular activities, Including volleyball, career fairs, badminton, track and field, basketball as well as field trips and other activities as they Arise. Over half of our students speak English as a second or as an additional language. Our diversity has helped us to Identify and explore learning opportunities for our students. In addition to leveled literacy intervention, using FOUNTAS and Pinnell resources and theory, we have created a literacy-themed room for language arts instruction and small group literacy intervention and instruction. We have arranged our schedule to accommodate our grade 6 and 9 students in numeracy, as they receive dedicated instructional time in small group environments. We also honor the heritage of many of our students by offering German language instruction one afternoon per week.

The people of Hays and the Surrounding area drive and support a vibrant local economy That focuses on the agriculture and oil and gas industries. The area boasts a sophisticated network of canals That Provide irrigation for area farmers, and a pipeline network servicing the Oil and Gas Sectors.

We look forward to learning more about your school and area.

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