Meet link and general info for our first session

Dear all,

Below you'll find info on tomorrow's session.

If you're going to be taking part via Meet:


- We'll be using the same Meet room for both sessions (AW and Story of English).
- The sessions will proceed as usual: there will be a bit of lecturing, and some exercises which you can complete in smaller groups. I'll put all the instructions and materials in the Course Materials folder. If you want to use f.ex. Whatsapp for communication, feel free to do so - just make sure that everyone in your group has access to it.
- As we'll be using Google's platforms, having a Google account is advisable. Both Meet and Docs should be available for outside users as well, but having your G-account will make things (and troubleshooting) smoother.
- Do note that even though you have a direct link, you have to be let into the Meet room by an admin - so please wait patiently to be admitted! (This also goes for the private rooms which will be open during tomorrow's sessions).
- Also, Meet is a lightweight platform (f.ex. compared to Adobe), and is generally reliable. I've noticed that the slide-sharing might sometimes glitch - so if at all possible, download the lecture slides beforehand so that you can follow them from your own screen if something happens.
- When I'm sharing from my own screen, I won't be able to keep an eye on the Meet chat. This means that I'll answer any questions with a bit of a lag. As always, the surest way to get in touch with me is by email.
- In case you need to get in touch with me urgently, my phone number is 044 3005123.

If you're coming to the classroom:

- The University hasn't yet updated its policy on f.ex. the wearing of masks, but the city of Jyväskylä recommends the use of face coverings in classroom situations.
- As we've got a big space, it's possible to keep safe distances at all times.
- Only come to class if you're free of all flu-like symptoms.


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