EKIP1001 Pronunciation and Oral Skills


Welcome to your Pronunciation and Oral Skills - PRONOS - course.


PRONUNCIATION. Students will be required to read a number of selected passages from Peacock's English Pronunication (3rd ed) - available on this platform - to prepare for pronunciation practice in class. The required passages will be notified by the teacher during each contact session.

ORAL SKILLS. The study of a variety of source materials related to the English-speaking world; the development of a range of oral skills. Students will require access to a copy of the novel Brick Lane by Monica Ali (ISBN 978-0-552-77115-3), which will be read as directed for homework and discussed in group activity in class. Further requirements will be notified by the teacher during each contact session.

Course aims: 


  • identify the main areas of difficulty in pronunciation for Finnish speakers of English
  • apply the appropriate mechanical articulation required in the target sounds
  • pronounce most target sounds accurately


  • make effective presentations
  • participate more competently and confidently in a variety of oral activities, such as group discussion, debate, negotiation and small talk
  • understand and critically discuss a range of issues relating to English speaking cultures

Learning method: 

PRONUNCIATION: Contact teaching.
ORAL SKILLS: Contact teaching. A variety of activities to foster development in the above.

Teacher: Graham Burns - graham.burns@englishmanagement.fi

Opetus: (36 t) la 21.9., 5.10., 26.10., 9.11., 23.11. klo 9-12, pe 13.12. klo 16.30-19.30, 14.12. klo 9-12, la 11.1. klo 9-12, pe 14.2. klo 16.30-19.30 ja 15.2. klo 9-12

Learning material:


  • Peacock, M. English Pronunciation. Students should either buy the booklet from Soppi / University Print or download the PDF version from this platform. You must have a copy of the booklet with you in each class, so if you choose to use the PDF, you need to have a tablet (mobile phones are too small). It is recommended, however, that students do buy the booklet for the advantages in having it for present and future use.
  • The primary aim of the course is to improve students’ oral skills in English. Students are expected to be able to take part in university courses through English and later to use English in their professional lives. This is therefore a foundational course for further work in developing communication skills.
  • A secondary aim of the course is to broaden students’ knowledge of English speaking cultures.

Additional information:

Attendance policy. 100% attendance is usually expected. The effect of any necessary absences on that student’s work will be assessed by the teacher, and where necessary extra work in compensation may be required. More than two absences may result in the student having to leave to course, if in the teacher’s judgment too much has been missed.


Three elements (pronunciation (30%), active participation in class discussions (30%), and a formal presentation (40%)) are assessed independently and aggregated according to the percentage ratio to give a final grade of 0-5.

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