EKIP506 Cultural History of the English-Speaking World

Course description

EKIP506 Cultural History of the English-Speaking World, 4 op

NB! Please see the study questions (in the Course materials folder) before each session!

This course gives an overview of the history of the English-speaking peoples from a cultural and social perspective. Special attention will be given to historical events that have shaped the values, norms and ways of thinking in these countries. The lectures will integrate references to literary works, songs and films that provide additional insights into the socio-cultural context of history.

Aims: After completing the course, students will be able to

  • identify connections between culture, history and society
  • understand the development and expansion of British influence around the world
  • describe the main historical events and their influence on society and culture
  • understand the historical evolution of British and American character
  • explain the historical background of values and norms in the countries studied.

Method of study: 

  • Method of study: Lectures and independent study based on assigned readings.
  • Assessment: Home exam, grading on the scale from 0 to 5.

 Teacher: Anne Karppinen PhD


Sat 11.1. at 13-16,
Sat 1.2. at 9-12,
Sat 15.2. at 13-16,
Sat 21.3. at 13-16,
Sat 4.4. at 13-16
Sat 9.5. at 9-12.

Suggested materials:
Burns, William E. A Brief History of Great Britain. Facts on File 2010.
Jenkins, Philip. A History of the United States. Palgrave MacMillan 2007 (or later).


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