A script for a film

Write a script for a short film. Choose one of the topics below or make up your own title:

On a beach in Malta
At a concert in London
At the airport on the way to Dublin
In the aeroplane/airplane on the way to New York
A challenge in My Race to the Top

Film review

Kirjaudu sisään lähettääksesi tämä lomake

Explain the plot (juoni) in five sentences (lause).

How well did the actors do their job in your opinion?

What do you think about the shooting (kuvaus)?

What was good about the film?

What did you not like about the film?

Kirjaudu sisään lähettääksesi tämä lomake

My enterprise

Make plans for your future company. Think about the following things:
- What is your business idea?
- Where will your enterprise be located?
- What kind of premises (= tiloja) will you need?
- How many people will you employ?
- What are your responsibilities in your company?

When you have finished with your ideas, make a presentation of your company (Google Drive?)!