8. lk

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3.5 Be going to

4.1 Story 2 "Becoming myself"
4.1 Story 3 "The pressures of life"
4.1 Apuverbit ja korvaavat muodot (I can and I must)

4.2 Story "Going to school in India"
4.2 Story "Finnish school vs. US school"
4.2 Story "School in the Philippines"
4.2 Adverbit (Drive carefully)

4.3 Story "Dream jobs"
4.3 Futuuri (Mitä minusta tulee?/ Lähdetäänkö?)

4.4 Tulevaisuuden ehtolause (Jos...)

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Story 1 "On the Isle of Wight"
It and there?

Text A "My arrival - and they said... I DO"
Text B "A friend's visit and some sightseeing"
Text C "At the airport & return flight"
Text D "Planning new trips"
Text G "Sightseeing in London"
Adjektiivien vertailu (Aurinkoinen, aurinkoisempi, aurinkoisin)

Text "Arrival in Cuba"
Text "Tulum in Mexico"

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3.1 "Stressed out in America + sanat Vocabulary-osiossa
Ajan ilmaisuja
Body parts (Let's practise more ex. 5)
Calling an ambulance (Let's practise more ex. 9)
In the ER (Let's practise more ex. 10)
Oh no! Are you okay? - sairastamisfraasit
Aikamuodot (moniste)
3.2 Story A, B ja C + sanat Vocabulary-osiossa
Tuttua juttua - artikkelien käyttö

3.3. Let's practise more ex. 10A