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Welcome to the Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre

The Southern Helsinki Adult Education Centre (Etelä-Helsingin kansalaisopisto) is a privately-owned, non-profit institute of adult education, maintained by association Toimela ry.  Around 3,700 students take part in our 250 courses annually.

The education centre has a ten-member board, the chairperson of which is Pekka Sauri. The centre receives statutory financial assistance from the state.


Our selection of courses cover foreign languages, gymnastics and dance, music, visual arts, handicrafts, and culture subjects. Explore our courses and enroll.

Contact us

Office: Tel. 09 622 9580
Iso Roobertinkatu 20-22, 00120 Helsinki
Principal: Minna Prunnila, tel. 09 622 95815 or 050 344 7830