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Vienna Workshop 2016

See information on our last meeting Vocational and academic education - clash of cultures?
and the photos

VET & CULTURE NETWORK - Vocational Education and Training & Culture

We are a voluntary network of senior and junior researchers and students, practicing cross-cultural, independent and critical research on transformations in vocational education and in relations between work, education and politics. The aim of the network is to support members in their different academic and institutional environments through virtual communication, annual meetings, collaborative teaching, supervision and publishing.

You are welcome to join the network activities and our mailing list.

Contact Matthias Vonken ( for list management and Matthias and Manfred Wahle ( for adding information, links, resources. Concerning previous network activities (for example earlier mailing list) and e.g. Myths and Brands-conference and publications, you can also contact Anja,


Vienna Workshop is announced. More details, please see Conferences and Events/Network Conferences