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Ease of use and the joy of accomplishment!

Web tools for educational institutions and teachers.

In contexts where information technology is drawn on during daily teaching activities, web tools have found a hearty welcome in all parts of Finland. Our web tools are being used in basic education, upper secondary school and adult education. They have been put into service also in several national and international projects. is a research and development project coordinated by the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

Developing user-initiated tools in collaboration with users

From the outset, the Schoolnet has been grounded on close collaboration with users. In response, from the very beginning teachers have been eagerly sending us wishes and suggestions for developing the tools. This will be our approach also in the future Schoolnet:

Schools and projects gain access to the web tools by joining the schoolnet.

Members in over 100 Finnish municipalities
Many International projects
Members are representing the full range of educational provision
Portals: 125000
Magazines: 3400

(August 2008)